Our Affiliated Charities

Lenrec Ltd supports charities through its recycling programme.

We work in partnership with our affiliated charities 'Friends of Calcutta' and 'Susie Long Hospice Fund' to help increase their donated revenue.

For any questions or enquiries please get in touch via our contact page.

Friends of Calcutta

Lenrec Affiliated Charities - Friends of CalcuttaFriends of Calcutta is a totally voluntary Irish charity (CHY No 13218) who since 1994 work tirelessly to provide educational opportunities for the most marginalised in Calcutta and the Sunderban Islands. They currently run 4 schools educating 800 children as well as vocational training programmes for older students.

Since 2009, Lenrec has been extremely proud to support their amazing efforts which on a daily basis changes lives through providing high quality education. One of the highlights of Friends of Calcutta's year is organising the annual Rajiv Ganguly Sports Tournament where 1500 students representing 16 charities gather for a weekend in Loreto Entally for what is an extravaganza of colour and joy.

Since 2016 Lenrec is honoured to be the main sponsor of this wonderful event which is funded thanks to the generosity of all who support the parish clothes collections held throughout the year.

We enjoy a wonderful working relationship with Friends of Calcutta and whenever possible and funds permit we strive to assist their future goals. For further information please visit http://www.friendsofcalcutta.com and 'rajiv ganguly 17' on YouTube.

Also check out 'Lenrec Recycling and the 'City of Joy' on YouTube.

Susie Long Hospice Fund

Lenrec Affiliated Charities - Susie Long Hospice FundSusie's passing in October 2007 encouraged many to establish a hospice in Kilkenny so that others in the area could benefit from the services which Susie herself was not able to and was forced to travel to Dublin to obtain.

At present, the only hospice provision in Kilkenny is by the Home Care Team, who provide excellent care but are severely over stretched and underfunded.

The Susie Long Hospice Fund is a registered charity, number CHY17950.

For more information please visit the SLHF website at http://www.susielonghospice.com

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