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Friends of Calcutta

Lenrec Affiliated Charities - Friends of CalcuttaFriends of Calcutta is an Irish voluntary organization which works in partnership with Indian groups, to help the poorest of the poor in Calcutta, India, realize their dignity and develop their potential, mainly through the education of deprived children and care of the destitute elderly.

The work of Friends of Calcutta is in voluntarily fund-raising for projects which directly help the poorest of the poor in Calcutta and in maintaining direct links with these projects.

The membership of Friends of Calcutta includes men and women of different walks of life and different Faiths, of voluntary, professional commitment, drawn from Ireland and from Calcutta.

Friends of Calcutta is a registered charity, number CHY13218.

For more information please visit the Friends of Calcutta website at http://www.friendsofcalcutta.org

Susie Long Hospice Fund

SLHF Mission Statement

Lenrec Affiliated Charities - Susie Long Hospice FundTo provide the highest possible quality of end-of-life care for patients and their families through the establishment of a 10-bed hospice in Kilkenny, for the people of Kilkenny and Carlow”.

Susie Long died of bowel cancer on 12th October, 2007. Aged 42, she left behind her son Fergus (14), daughter Áine (19) and husband Conor Mac Liam.

Having approached her GP in the summer of 2005 with a number of symptoms, Susie was referred for a colonoscopy. In the 7 months that she waited for this test, her as yet undiagnosed cancer spread. By the time she was diagnosed, it was too late to save her.

Susie did not have private health insurance as she did not believe it right to skip the public queue. Unfortunately, the public waiting list had grown large due to the lack of a day ward in St Luke’s Hospital in Kilkenny. During a chemo session in January 2007, she discovered that another patient, who had private insurance, had been diagnosed within 3 days of being referred and was going to recover.

When Susie died, she had already become an icon for the campaign for the type of public health system she had advocated. Her courage inspired many and, in recognition of her legacy, some of Susie’s friends decided to work together for the establishment of a hospice in Kilkenny, so that others in the area could benefit from the services for which Susie herself was forced to travel to Dublin, hence the foundation of the Susie Long Hospice Fund.

Currently, the only hospice provision in Kilkenny is by the Home Care Team, who provides excellent care in patients’ homes. However, the Home Care Team is severely over-stretched and under-funded, and not all families or home situations have the resources to care for a seriously ill family member at home. This is why a hospice is essential. With the provision of a dedicated hospice in Kilkenny, the Susie Long Hospice Fund aims for as many people as possible to have the calm, peaceful and supportive environment at the end of their lives which everyone deserves.

The Susie Long Hospice Fund is a registered charity, number CHY17950.

For more information and to make a donation please visit the SLHF website at http://www.susielonghospice.com