About Lenrec - Nationwide Clothes and Textiles

About Lenrec - Clothes RecyclingLenrec Ltd is a textile recycling company, providing a national collection service from schools, county councils, community centres and sports clubs.

We at Lenrec take our social and environmental responsibilities seriously and highlight the benefits of clothes recycling to the wider international community.

Over 70 per cent of the world's population use second-hand clothes. Good quality clothes are sold at very low prices in markets in Africa, thus creating thriving businesses for African people. The second-hand clothes trade supports hundreds of thousands of livelihoods in developing countries by means of trading, distributing, repairing, and restyling the clothes. For example, in Senegal alone there are over 24,000 people working in the second-hand clothes trade. (Source: Oxfam).

About Lenrec - Textiles RecyclingTextile Recycling

Textile recycling provides affordable clothing for Third World Countries and socially deprived areas throughout the globe without which – many would do without. Development workers concur, adding that it is better to sell the clothes than to give them away. “Constant handouts eventually demean the individual”, one expert says. (Guardian Newspaper 2004)

Anything that is not suitable for re-wear is recycled using a special process to make items such as flocking for upholstery, underlay for carpets, soundproofing for cars and industrial wipes.

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